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February 14th, 2005

06:26 pm:
Your Boobies' Names Are: Cheech and Chong

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You're hot. You must be the reason for global warming.

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January 20th, 2005

05:42 pm:

The Great LiveJournal
Outage of 2005

During the outage I went on neopets and mourned.

What did you do?

Brought to you by geek-foo

omg i had a neopet brb i have to see if its still alive

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August 17th, 2004

02:27 pm:

Friends only. Comment to be added

August 10th, 2004

04:49 pm: beach
fun times at the beach
geting lost and going thou the drive throu and asking 4 directions
putting sea weed down nicks pants
sand "art"
toco bell why dont you have shuger
true colors
MacDonalds thinks were high
scaring nic with are singing
BOB WE LOVE YOU kathleen i have to see that pic
trying to change in public wit only a towel

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August 7th, 2004

11:42 am:

Adopt Your Own Emo Kid!


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August 6th, 2004

04:51 pm: pooooo
i did not pass progress check not a supriz cuz i sucked now i have to try for a 3nd time pooooooo
but on the good side im going to the maroon 5 counsert and a consert at the hatshell soo thats good

Current Mood: okayokay
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July 6th, 2004

10:07 pm: summer
summer has bin ok so fair i whent to the cape of a week boring..... not going next year the only fun this was p-town and it rain on that day trying to get a jod 4 summer may have one by the end of june leave some

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June 15th, 2004

03:36 pm: 01. I have a cell phone.
02. I'm obsessed with new things.
03. I'm the youngest child.
04. I am a shopoholic.
05. I love my gauged earrings.
06. I love wearing a lot of black eyeliner
07. I love Daiquiris.
08. I love the weekends.
09. I can't live without lipgloss.
10. I can't live without music.
11. I lived in Tahoe.
12. I spend money I have.
13. I'll be in college for over 4 years.
14. I love designer handbags (Coach, Burberry, Louis Vuitton).
15. I get annoyed easily.
16. I eventually want kids.
17. I love the Backstreet Boys.
18. I have more than a couple horrible memories.
19. I'm addicted to Degrassi.
20. I am a person.
21. My first kiss was unexpected.
22. I start school on Jan 4th or 5th
23. I love taking pictures.
24. I hate girls who are fake.
25. I can be mean when I want to.
26. My dreams are bizzare.
27. I am homophobic.
28. I have way too many pairs shoes.
29. I've seen Shes all That at least 50 times.
30. I dress how I feel that day.
31. I love Charmed.
32. Sometimes I cry for almost no reason.
33. I hate when people are ridiculously late.
34. I procrastinate.
35. Winter is my favorite season.
36. I have too many clothes for my closet/dresser.
37. I love to sleep.
38. I wish I was smarter.
39. I am the hottest bachelor.
40. I have a lot of drama.
41. No one knows my full story of my life.
42. I love my hair.
43. I sometimes fight with my parents.
44. I love the beach.
45. I have had the chicken pox.
46. I'm excited for the future.
47. I can't control my emotions.
48. I can't wait till New Year's.
49. I love the show 'Rich Girls'.
50. I love my friends.
51. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
52. I can be very insecure sometimes.
53. I have had a broken bone.
54. I hate ignorant people.
55. I love my laptop.
56. I love guys that play the guitar.
57. I state the obvious.
58. I'm a happy person.
59. I love to dance.
60. I love to sing.
61. I hate cleaning my room.
62. I tend to get jealous very easily.
63. I like to play video games.
64. I love John Mayer.
65. I hate when I see animals/people getting hurt/abused.
66. I'm a vegetarian/vegan/don't eat beef.
67. I don't like to study for tests.
68. I love playdoh.
69. I am too forgiving.
70. I have a good sense of direction.
71. I loved high school.
72. I have a talent of sweet talking my way out of things.
73. I don't drink.
74. I love kisses on the forehead.
75. I love the color blue.
76. I don't sew.
77. I am not addicted to drugs.
78. I love the Olsen twins.
79. I'm gonna try out for the softball team.
80. I become stressed easily.
81. I hate liars.
82. I like comfy sweatpants.
83. Bam Margera is AWESOME.
84. I love the smell of fresh laundry.
85. I love my family.
86. I don't mind getting shots.
87. I am a perfectionist when it comes to certain things.
88. I always wanted to learn to play the drums.
89. I hate the feeling of failure.
90. I’ve had my heart broken.
91. I would love to have my own fashion line.
92. I can be quite selfish.
93. I still act like a little kid .
94. Above all I despise dishonesty.
95. I can stay on the computer forever.
96. I love music.
97. I wish I was more motivated when it comes to school.
98. I love getting stuff in the mail.
99. I have problems letting go of people.
100. I hate the feeling of being alone.

Current Mood: dirtydirty
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June 8th, 2004

09:59 pm: GrRRRR
I HATE MIS MONROE(sp) wroght now she treats me like im stuped and i want to yell ay her ok today she made me put labes on letter and she gave me like a step by step on how to do it with her showing me too talking realy slow the she ses just do your best like its hard for me to do and she comes over and checks it all in frunt of my class i dont think thay were lisoning but still shes a donm ass not me grrr I HATE her

May 25th, 2004

06:19 pm: hmmm
okay, this shall settle things between jess and I...


1. Josh K.
2. Nic F.
3. Matt B.

Vote and leave a comment!

you shook me all night looooong! woo

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